How to Calculate and Improve Average Sales Cycle

A successful sales growth rate can also depend on how well a company’s competitors are performing and the overall growth of its industry. That means Serial Juice Co. had a sales growth rate of 25% during this time period. When using DSO to compare the cash flows of a number of companies, you should compare companies within the same industry, with similar business models and revenue numbers. If you try to compare companies in different industries and of different sizes, the results you’ll get will be misleading because they often have very different DSO benchmarks and targets. Looking at a DSO value for a company for a single period can provide a good benchmark for quickly assessing a company’s cash flow.

  • Mathematically, the number of days in the corresponding period is calculated using 365 for a year and 90 for a quarter.
  • A drop in price can point to rising competition, lower pricing power with their customers, or a decrease in demand, which can lead to failure.
  • For instance, individuals visiting a vehicle dealership typically intend to explore vehicles, potentially test drive them, and even negotiate an offer.
  • Customers who don’t find their creditors’ terms very friendly may choose to seek suppliers or service providers with more lenient payment terms.
  • Therefore, the average sales cycle, from client contact to closing, is 70 days.

A fast collection period may not always be beneficial as it simply could mean that the company has strict payment rules in place. However, stricter collection requirements can end up turning some customers away, sending accumulated depreciation them to look for companies with the same goods or services and more lenient payment rules or better payment options. The average collection period is often not an externally required figure to be reported.


Integrations for these business models do however exist in CRM systems, such as Salesforce. In addition to calculating the average daily sales, you can determine the average value of each lead, and the conversion percentage against your leads. Attaching a specific profit value to each lead, and understanding conversions, makes it possible to spend a specific amount of advertising on each acquisition.

Other names for average selling price include “average order value,” which is commonly seen in e-commerce. In the hospitality industry, a similar metric called “average daily rate” shows the average rate customers will pay for one day’s stay at their properties. The best way that a company can benefit is by consistently calculating its average collection period and using it over time to search for trends within its own business.

Companies that are entering a new market can use the average selling price to create their strategy on how they want to position themselves. Imagine that a company is looking to begin manufacturing men’s sunglasses. The average selling price can be used as a benchmark in a few different ways.

Companies entering a new market may look at the ASP of a good or service to position themselves when they bring their product to market. This is not a bad figure, considering most companies collect within 30 days. Collecting its receivables in a relatively short and reasonable period of time gives the company time to pay off its obligations.

The VP of Sales or sales team leader have better insight into low or underperforming sales cycles. They can look for an account executive with abnormally high sales cycle averages compared to other sales reps and discuss their success. If you’re targeting mid-level managers or a wide audience of business users with a low-price SaaS tool, you’re likely dealing with a single decision maker who can make a purchase almost instantly. Having a months-long average sales cycle to sell an $11/month tool may not make sense. If you offer incredibly niche software aimed at B2B companies, your prospects may take longer to evaluate how your service meets their needs. The more complex the software, the longer it’ll take your potential customers to recognize the full value of the product, which leads to a lengthier sales cycle.

You May Not Be Targeting the Right Leads

Since Walmart is a retailer, it does not have any raw material, works in progress, and progress payments. Adam Hayes, Ph.D., CFA, is a financial writer with 15+ years Wall Street experience as a derivatives trader. Besides his extensive derivative trading expertise, Adam is an expert in economics and behavioral finance. Adam received his master’s in economics from The New School for Social Research and his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in sociology.

Additionally, new customers may require more attention and guidance, which can lengthen the sales cycle. As they become regular customers, the time needed to sell them a product or service decreases, thus shortening the sales cycle. If the sales cycle is unexpectedly long, the sales team could be working with leads that are too cold. In other words, the company may be pursuing people who know almost nothing about your service and don’t currently have an interest in your product.

Related Metrics & KPIs

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Sales Metrics to discover what other valuable sales metrics your team should be measuring. Similarly, a steady cash flow is crucial in construction companies and real estate agencies, so they can timely pay their labor and salespeople working on hourly and daily wages. Also, construction of buildings and real estate sales take time and can be subject to delays. So, in this line of work, it’s best to bill customers at suitable intervals while keeping an eye on average sales.

How to Calculate Weekly Sales Commission

Also, if you set a KPI to reduce your Average Sales Cycle Length then you can accelerate revenue growth, a tactic often used for high growth companies. However, the length of this cycle is influenced by various factors, such as the product/service being sold and the target market. For instance, a newly launched product requires more time and effort from the sales representative to communicate its benefits to the potential customers. You can work with the sales and marketing teams to dive deeper into potential trends in where qualified leads and opportunities drop off in the sales pipeline. Average sales cycle is the time it takes a prospect to close after entering your sales pipeline. It begins with a new lead becoming aware of your services and ends with the lead becoming a customer and potentially sending referrals your way.

Average Sales Calculator

The average collection period is an accounting metric used to represent the average number of days between a credit sale date and the date when the purchaser remits payment. A company’s average collection period is indicative of the effectiveness of its AR management practices. Businesses must be able to manage their average collection period to operate smoothly.

The average collection period may also be used to compare one company with its competitors, either individually or grouped together. Similar companies should produce similar financial metrics, so the average collection period can be used as a benchmark against another company’s performance. For the formulas above, average accounts receivable is calculated by taking the average of the beginning and ending balances of a given period. More sophisticated accounting reporting tools may be able to automate a company’s average accounts receivable over a given period by factoring in daily ending balances. Alternatively and more commonly, the average collection period is denoted as the number of days of a period divided by the receivables turnover ratio.

The first couple of customers might require a lot of hand-holding, especially if your firm is not yet well-known and trusted by the wider market. As your firm grows, each sale might look a little bit different because you’re bringing on more sales people at the same time, and your processes might not be very standardized. The sales metric Average Sales Cycle Length is the amount of time from your first touch with a prospect to closing the deal, averaged across all won deals.

This stage varies dramatically, as visitors can take a few minutes to months to initiate first contact via a demo request, call, or email to connect with your sales team. This provides you with a broad idea of how much money your business makes at that particular time. For instance, a stationery company may learn that its sales of paper goods bring in $50,000 annually.

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