9 Natural Language Processing Examples in Action

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natural language processing examples

Increasingly major organisations, such as General Motors, are using social media to improve their reputation and product. Sprout Social uses NLP tools to monitor social media activity surrounding a brand. Social media listening tools, such as Sprout Social, are looking to harness this potential source of customer feedback.

Young entrepreneurs taking to world of AI – Chinadaily.com.cn – China Daily

Young entrepreneurs taking to world of AI – Chinadaily.com.cn.

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It simply composes sentences by simulating human speeches by being unbiased. The practice of automatic insights for better delivery of services is one of the next big natural language processing examples. With it, comes the natural language processing examples leading organizations to bring better results and effective communication with the customers. Challenges in natural language processing frequently involve speech recognition, natural-language understanding, and natural-language generation. It is the branch of Artificial Intelligence that gives the ability to machine understand and process human languages. Machine translation is exactly what it sounds like—the ability to translate text from one language to another—in a program such as Google Translate.

Phases of Natural Language Processing

Google Maps and Siri are the two great natural language processing examples that help much with our daily routines. The deluge of unstructured data pouring into government agencies in both analog and digital form presents significant challenges for agency operations, rulemaking, policy analysis, and customer service. NLP can provide the tools needed to identify patterns and glean insights from all of this data, allowing government agencies to improve operations, identify potential risks, solve crimes, and improve public services. Ways in which NLP can help address important government issues are summarized in figure 4. Machine learning requires A LOT of data to function to its outer limits – billions of pieces of training data.

natural language processing examples

Online chatbots, for example, use NLP to engage with consumers and direct them toward appropriate resources or products. While chat bots can’t answer every question that customers may have, businesses like them because they offer cost-effective ways to troubleshoot common problems or questions that consumers have about their products. Initiative leaders should select and develop the NLP models that best suit their needs. The final selection should be based on performance measures such as the model’s precision and its ability to be integrated into the total technology infrastructure. The data science team also can start developing ways to reuse the data and codes in the future. People go to social media to communicate, be it to read and listen or to speak and be heard.

Real-World Examples of AI Natural Language Processing

For example, let us have you have a tourism company.Every time a customer has a question, you many not have people to answer. Hence, frequency analysis of token is an important method in text processing. Scalenut is an NLP-based content marketing and SEO tool that helps marketers from every industry create attractive, engaging, and delightful content for their customers. Sentiment analysis is a big step forward in artificial intelligence and the main reason why NLP has become so popular. By analyzing data, NLP algorithms can predict the general sentiment expressed toward a brand. For instance, through optical character recognition (OCR), you can convert all the different types of files, such as images, PDFs, and PPTs, into editable and searchable data.

Many of these are found in the Natural Language Toolkit, or NLTK, an open source collection of libraries, programs, and education resources for building NLP programs. Another common use of NLP is for text prediction and autocorrect, which you’ve likely encountered many times before while messaging a friend or drafting a document. This technology allows texters and writers alike to speed-up their writing process and correct common typos. NLP can be used for a wide variety of applications but it’s far from perfect. In fact, many NLP tools struggle to interpret sarcasm, emotion, slang, context, errors, and other types of ambiguous statements.

Common NLP tasks

With NLP, online translators can translate languages more accurately and present grammatically-correct results. This is infinitely helpful when trying to communicate with someone in another language. Not only that, but when translating from another language to your own, tools now recognize the language based on inputted text and translate it.

natural language processing examples

Torch.argmax() method returns the indices of the maximum value of all elements in the input tensor.So you pass the predictions tensor as input to torch.argmax and the returned value will give us the ids of next words. Here, I shall guide you on implementing generative text summarization using Hugging face . Then, add sentences from the sorted_score until you have reached the desired no_of_sentences. Now that you have score of each sentence, you can sort the sentences in the descending order of their significance. I will now walk you through some important methods to implement Text Summarization.

NLP Libraries

Although natural language processing might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, the truth is that people already interact with countless NLP-powered devices and services every day. Natural language processing (NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence, computer science, and linguistics focused on making human communication, such as speech and text, comprehensible to computers. In this article, you’ll learn more about what NLP is, the techniques used to do it, and some of the benefits it provides consumers and businesses. At the end, you’ll also learn about common NLP tools and explore some online, cost-effective courses that can introduce you to the field’s most fundamental concepts. Natural language processing ensures that AI can understand the natural human languages we speak everyday. The next step is to amend the NLP model based on user feedback and deploy it after thorough testing.


Through social media reviews, ratings, and feedback, it becomes easier for organizations to offer results users are asking for. By integrating NLP into the systems helps in monitoring and responding to the feedback more easily and effectively. The technology here can perform and transform unstructured data into meaningful information. Predictive analysis and autocomplete works like search engines predicting things based on the user search typing and then finishing the search with suggested words. Many times, an autocorrect can also change the overall message creating more sense to the statement. Using the NLP system can help in aggregating the information and making sense of each feedback and then turning them into valuable insights.

If you think back to the early days of google translate, for example, you’ll remember it was only fit for word-to-word translations. It couldn’t be trusted to translate whole sentences, let alone texts. Hence, it is an example of why should businesses use natural language processing. By collecting the plus and minus based on the reviews, it helps companies to gain insight of products’ or services’ best qualities and the features most liked/disliked by the users. MarketMuse is one such natural language processing example powered by NLP and AI. The software analyzed each article written to give a direction to the writers for bringing the highest quality to each piece.

  • Here, NLP breaks language down into parts of speech, word stems and other linguistic features.
  • NLP involves the use of several techniques, such as machine learning, deep learning, and rule-based systems.
  • Now that you have understood the base of NER, let me show you how it is useful in real life.
  • If it encounters a new word it tried making the nearest guess which can be embarrassingly wrong few times.

Your device activated when it heard you speak, understood the unspoken intent in the comment, executed an action and provided feedback in a well-formed English sentence, all in the space of about five seconds. The complete interaction was made possible by NLP, along with other AI elements such as machine learning and deep learning. With the recent focus on large language models (LLMs), AI technology in the language domain, which includes NLP, is now benefiting similarly. You may not realize it, but there are countless real-world examples of NLP techniques that impact our everyday lives. At the intersection of these two phenomena lies natural language processing (NLP)—the process of breaking down language into a format that is understandable and useful for both computers and humans. Natural language processing (NLP ) is a type of artificial intelligence that derives meaning from human language in a bid to make decisions using the information.

Predictive text and its cousin autocorrect have evolved a lot and now we have applications like Grammarly, which rely on natural language processing and machine learning. We also have Gmail’s Smart Compose which finishes your sentences for you as you type. Using Waston Assistant, businesses can create natural language processing applications that can understand customer and employee languages while reverting back to a human-like conversation manner. There are calls that are recorded for training purposes but in actuality, they are recorded to the database for an NLP system to learn and improve services in the future. This is also one of the natural language processing examples that are being used by organizations from the last many years.

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natural language processing examples

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